I am Chris Plosaj.

CDD® is the creative consultancy and studio of Chris Plosaj. (pronounced like the American anthem, "Plo—saj can you see!") I'm a multidisciplinary designer, insightful innovator and brand storyteller. I have a strong capacity for conceptual thinking and craft, and I'm able to translate big ideas across multiple channels.



“The function has to be the brand.
If it works well, it has to be branded at the same time.”


I strive to produce meaningful, innovative media that fuels engagement between brands and their audiences. I focus on a holistic user-centric design process that starts with falling in love with the problem, not the solution. Fusing research, best user experience practices, business strategic design and creative ideation enables me to craft visual communications that successfully deliver a crisp message. Make your product or service 🎉 with Crisp Design & Direction.


Since early childhood, I have been interested in the pursuit of problem solving, creative innovation, technology, learning and making. In 2007, I studied Media & Design in Canada. I have lived in Hong Kong for 19 years. My work has received awards from Applied Arts, RGD, Critical Mass, and has been featured in various international design publications.

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Chris Plosaj